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Going Where Life Takes Us

During the pandemic lockdown, I noticed quite a few unusual looking moths darting around the house. Wonderful beings found us adrift. They illuminated the way. The idea for the sculpture is saying "yes" to something bigger than our own predicament—being held aloft moth-like in a kinship-voyage with other life forms. Inspired by the inventiveness of the natural world around me, I looked for new ways to combine incongruous materials—sections of woody vines to make a primitive "climbing" body and "wings" of cables, translucent paper, and chop sticks to create tension. The upper part of this amalgamation of traits is light and flexible like flying creatures. The lower part is made of reinforced cement, a rugged three-legged form with a tail. But it's never clear where one being in this mélange begins and another ends—all together in a strange and beautiful voyage.

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