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Everything That Moves Makes Sound

Everything That Moves Makes Sound is inspired by the restless energy and sounds of nature. Literally if it moves, it creates sound, though we may not be able to hear it.

A forest is full of sound: birds, insects, swelling wind songs in the canopy—all speak for themselves. As for plants and fungi, we might not be able to hear them as directly as animals. But in a sense they’re just as noisy and communicative. They use color, surface texture and geometry to speak.

In the sculpture, I use vines (lianas) because they so articulately evoke noisy, energetic woodland animals like squirrels and birds, with their clambering and frequent changes of direction. Cutting and rejoining vines to create a figure or group of figures, I create the armature for fanciful loops and twists of copper tubing, flowers or foliage made of cement or epoxy. Materials have either natural patinas, pigment mixed-in or applied as paint, with colors chasing each other around the whole composition. 

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